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Where will i place my attention around self love today?

Affirmation: I love and accept myself exactly as I AM ~

Just for today, where will I place my attention around self love? What is my intention for self love? What one action step AM I willing to take towards my personal growth and transformation?

Yesterday having my attention on how I talk to myself helped - and i did stop and look at the note on my bathroom mirror and said the words, colleen I love and accept you exactly as you are ~ these words sort of lingered around my consciousness through out my day ~ just noticing the thoughts and noticing if any emotions would rise up.

Mirror work is a challenge for me...i tend to avoid mirrors. I'm working on it though. I AM willing to embrace this change.

For me it's important to remember that self love - or i like the words self kindness (which probably says a lot about the work i still need to do) is recognizing that it is an unfolding process that gains strength over time - with no fixed ending point. When we feel incomplete inside we search for love and reassurance from others - for confirmation of our worth - meanwhile I'm learning it truly is an inside job.

So for today I already have one act of self love complete - I sat with myself for a half hour in meditation - prayed and journaled - how about you?

And my action plan is to be practice coming into the present moment using the pattern interrupt breath throughout my day.

As Sharon Salzberg says, "The breath is the first tool for opening the space between the story you tell yourself about love and your capacity to tap into the deep well of love inside you and all around you." Namaste dear soul family, namaste - let's keep raising the vibration for more peace, love and joy.

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