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Pema Chodron

Becoming familiar with Pema Chodron and her books are required in davidji’s Masters of Wisdom Teacher Training Program. Fortunately, I graduated in March of 2015. davidji suggested I start my reading with Pema from the lengthy list of books required. Resistance came up immediately during our Skype one on one personal call. I can still hear myself saying to davidji when he suggested Pema, “ummm she really doesn’t resonate with me”.

davidji: yea some find her a bit sarcastic ~ try again ~ look for her on YouTube. Maybe watching her will help.” I listen and lean in when davidji speaks directly to me.

After our call I went to my library and pulled out the first book I had read years ago and before the course. Note: - when I read if something moves me I highlight and take notes in the margins. I was astonished to find almost every page highlighted! So much for how she didn’t resonate. I guess I was just not ready for the teachings. I dove in as davidji encouraged me to do.

I have come full circle with Pema. I have a deep reverence for her and now say she is one of my most influential teachers. I have been graced to study with her at The Omega Institute and have taken a course on line with her. I have read many more of her books.

I will share the two books I started with in case you are interested. Maybe you too will feel a spark or perhaps “nothing really resonating with this teacher.. not feeling her.” Both responses will be perfect. Everyone has his or her own unique point of entry for wisdom. Just like we don’t watch every channel on our t v. We all have certain favorites.

Sending you peace from Long Island!

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